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Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Closings

We combine Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence to serve your clients how they want to be served.

Virtual Assistant for Real estate

Experience Collaboration Like Never Before

Built for Real Estate Professionals


Lawyers spend 60% of their billiable hours doing admin tasks. We believe this time is better spend on acquiring new clients.


Deliver an excellent closing experience to your client that matches your standard.

Mortgage Advisors

We help your clients buy and refinance a property with confidence.

Making Real Estate Closings a Breeze

We are here to assist

Onboard New Client

First impression matters! Our seamless client onboarding and management process will make your clients feel confident about your services from day 1.

Review Documents

We gather and review documents so that you don't have to. Our AI technology verifies documents so that you can proceed for closing with confidence.

Support Closing

We answer client's questions, share status updates, book signing appointments and request review at the end of the closing.


Reimagine Client Servicing

We Turn Your Client Into Brand Advocates‚Äč

Real Estate Professionals spend 60% of their time doing manual and repetitive work like gathering documents, sharing status updates, booking appointments, etc. Our Virtual Assistant for Real Estate helps you streamline your business for efficiency. You do what you do best and leave the rest to us.

Committed to Serve you

Scale up Your Business

Optimize Operations

Automate manual, repetitive tasks for efficiency and accuracy.

Pay Per File

Pay only for the clients you onboard in a month. No file, no expense - it's that simple!

Improve Client Experience

Resolve your client's queries in minutes and earn their confidence.

A service that pays for itself

Some People call it - A No Brainer

Our highly qualified team of Virtual Assistants and AI-based technology that streamlines your operations and delivers a smooth client experience is a no-brainer for most Real Estate Professionals. But we suggest you don’t take their word for it. Book a demo and try it for yourself.

Save Operational Cost
Reduce Time to Close a File
< 3 hours
Boost Your Google Reviews
Attract More Clients
4x 100%

Seamless Closing Experience

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