Get 5-Star Law Firm Reviews

On a scale of 0–10, how confident are you that your customers are satisfied with you – their law firm? If your customers gave a law firm review, how many stars do you think you would get? Read on to see how you can get five-star law firm reviews. 

 law firm reviews

Research shows that prospective customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from friends, depending on how many people have given the review how many stars, on which criteria, etc. 


Where law firm reviews are concerned, the compelling factors for positive reviews are the firm’s trustworthiness, ease of operation, and effective communication from start to finish. 


When your prospective client first approaches you, they have most likely already made up their mind about you from a variety of sources – online search, comments on forums, discussions in social groups, and so on. After doing business with you, they will be the ones who will then refer others in their circle to your firm, by leaving a positive law firm review. There’s no denying the power of a positive or favorable review for your company.


law firm reviews NPS calculationNow, there exists a real and highly effective metric – the Net Promoter Score (NPS®) – that measures the positivity of reviews by customers. NPS differentiates customers as ‘Promoters’, ‘Neutrals’, or ‘Detractors’ depending on what they answer when asked to rate their satisfaction on a 0–10 scale.


We at Philer help provide excellent services throughout the client’s journey with you, including (and especially) at the end. Read on to see how this can garner you extraordinary law firm reviews from your clients: 


  • We have a dedicated client dashboard that facilitates a seamless onboarding of clients into your firm. This painless process boosts confidence in the client, leaving them feeling positive about their association with you. 
  • With our real-time status tracker, you can keep track of the exact status of the transaction with your clients and other business partners at any given time. This transparency reflects your business values and makes you more trusted and respected by your client. 
  • With our automated reminder system, your clients are prompted at the right time to complete their online intake forms and submit them on time, preventing any misses or delays during the process. 
  • Through our user-level access, you can control how your clients’ data is accessed in a safe and protected manner, promoting a feeling of trust and confidence in your clients about the privacy of their data. 
  • All of your clients’ data is stored in a secure, cloud-based storage, eliminating risks of breach of privacy and simultaneously enabling quick and secure access from almost anywhere. Needless to say, these factors, among others, go a long way in getting you highly conducive law firm reviews. 
  • We also have a checklist tracker to track the step-wise progress of your client’s journey with your law firm. This is a sure-fire way of keeping all documentation, applications, and other deadlines completed on time, every time. 
  • Our user-friendly chat tool is a blessing for those who need answers to their questions quickly and briefly. Many clients find it at once convenient and hassle-free to be able to chat with a subject matter expert to clear any queries every time. 


Apart from all the above points, probably the most significant step to elicit more positive reviews for your law firm from your clients is the facility of Philer to employ an automatic collection process once the closing is complete for the client. Upon closing, an email asking for the client’s review is automatically generated and shared with the client – at a time and place in their journey at which they’re most conducive to give a positive law firm review for you. 

As a law firm, you can deliver an excellent customer experience using Philer’s exceptional features such as automated intake, checklist trackers, automated reminders, secure cloud storage for critical data, automatic review collection and so much more that goes toward obtaining those five-star law firm reviews.